Kampala City Tour - 1 Day Kampala Cultural Sites and Religious Sites Tour

This Kampala City Tour will take you through Kampala city and all its best destinations.
Kampala, the capital of Uganda was originally built on seven hills although it has now engulfed other areas as a result of continuous growth and development. Its population stands at over 2 million people in the city and its outskirts.

Kampala is truly an African city given its attractive environment of Kampala and truly the heart of Uganda which is gifted by nature. Given that Kampala is the social, business, political as well as historical city of Uganda, this tour gives you the opportunity to trail through different social, cultural, religious and historical places of Kampala.

Kampala City Tour itinerary

Morning Tour Activities

  • Our guide will pick you from your favorite accommodation establishment and drive you to Kabaka’s palace found in Mengo. Visit the Kabaka’s lake, a manmade lake dug up by the overambitious Kabaka Mwanga.
  • Drive to the Kasubi tombs, a World Heritage UNESCO site. The traditionally built grass thatched dome houses the burial grounds of Buganda’s past Kings.
  • Visit the Mother Temple of Africa-Bahai temple found in Kikaya hill. It’s the only temple for Bahai Faith Africa. Return to Kampala for lunch.

Afternoon Tour Activities

  • Visit the true African markets of Nakasero and St. Balikuddembe.
  • Drive to the Uganda Museum passing via Makerere University. The Uganda museum has a display of Uganda's cultural heritage as well as ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. From the museum you will get a hint on the country's colourful past. Participate in playing Uganda’s wide range of traditional musical instruments, which one is free to play.

Evening Tour Activities

  • Visit the Ndere Cultural Centre. Have a cup of coffee. Relax and listen to the wonderful African tunes and stories. Return to Kampala at around 10 PM.


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